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Today marked the 20th anniversary of the historical Million Man March on Washington.  Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful message to the hundreds of thousands who  attended and millions of live streamers around the world.  The “Justice or Else” theme resonated with many bringing out tons of celebrities and other familiar faces alike. 

Farrakhan told his audience, “If we are denied what rightfully belongs to us then there has to be unified action that we take that will force the justice that we seek.”

“It is because of continued injustice that people are crying out for justice,” said Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., the former NAACP chief who directed the Million Man March and is serving as a consultant to Saturday’s rally. “It would be incorrect to say we have made no progress. But it would be equally incorrect to say all is well.”


Some of your favorite celebrities spotted included: Diddy, Common, Jeezy, Dave Chappelle, Snoop, J Cole, Ty Dolla Sign, Dr. Cornel West, Sabrina Fulton (parent of Trayvon Martin, Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield, Porsha Williams and more.

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The President was conveniently away this weekend in San Francisco for a Democratic fundraiser.  He’s been subject to criticism from the Minister so I’m sure that was a “planned” schedule conflict (wink, wink).

10-10-15Personally, I was disappointed by the lack of media coverage so kudos to Diddy and Revolt TV for live streaming this historical event.

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“All we’ve got to do is go back home and make our communities a decent and safe place to live,” Farrakhan said. “And if we start dotting the black community with businesses, opening up factories, challenging ourselves to be better than we are, white folk, instead of driving by using the N-word, they’ll say: ‘Look. Look at them. Oh, my God — they’re marvelous.’ ”


It truly is about personal accountability.  United we stand!  Much respect to the Minister for putting this together!

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