Kenneka JenkinsNineteen-year-old Kenneka Jenkins left home to party with friends at the Rosemont hotel near Chicago O’hare airport only to later be found dead in a freezer located in an isolated area of the hotel. 

A Facebook live video reveals quite a bit of information that should be useful to investigators. At one point, you can hear a male voice say, “You drunk you tripping,” and a voice thought to be Jenkins responds, “I’m not drunk. And I am enjoying myself,” but just before her friend turned up the music you can hear her say “help me.”

Kenneka Jenkins

Gang violence in Chicago is rampant and I hope those in the room aren’t scared silent.

An official police statement suggests the teen wandered into the freezer on her own while intoxicated. That seems implausible unless she escaped the room in fear and attempted to hide in the freezer but even that seems highly suspicious and problematic for all those in the room.

Jenkins mother, Tereasa Martin said she last saw her daughter around 11:30 Friday night. Her sister is said to have spoken with her around 01:30 which is reportedly around the time she went missing.

Her body was found almost 24 hours later after family and friends searched the hotel on their own until police were called to stop them.

The autopsy results failed to determine the official cause of death and the medical examiner is awaiting the toxicology results.

Keneeka JenkinsNo parent imagines burying their child. May God strengthen the family at this time. Rest peacefully dear child.

FYI, blogger Famelous has offered a $40-thousand-dollar reward for the arrest of the person responsible. God’s speed! 


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