Month: December 2014

Hollywood Reacts To Sony Pulling The Plug on “The Interview!”

Sony Pictures StudiosHave the Sony hackers won?  It would appear so as the majority sentiment in Hollywood is the attack was more on freedom of speech and expression than anything.  The decision to can the movie could end up costing Sony more than a $100 million so you have to wonder, what exactly was that leveraged against?    (more…)

K. Michelle on VH-1’s “Sorority Sisters!”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle

The ever outspoken K. Michelle stopped by Baltimore’s 92Q Jams to promote her new album, “Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?”

During the interview, K. revealed she’s a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority and why she feels VH-1’s, “Sorority Sisters” is disgraceful.   (more…)

The Obamas Speak on Race & Racial Profiling In America!

I bet there's a lot of pain behind those smiles!
I bet there’s a lot of pain behind those smiles!

The Obamas sat with Sandra Sobieraj Westfall of People magazine for what turned out to be a 30-minute candid conversation about race and racial profiling in America.  The First Lady reminded us it was just six-years ago the President was just another Black man living on the South side of Chicago. (more…)

Actress Tasha Smith Ordered To Pay Estranged Husband!

Tasha Smith
Tasha Smith

Actresses Halle Berry and Tasha Smith are examples of why wealthy women should be careful about the company they keep.  I guess the same holds true for wealthy men, but it seems like the tables of justice in domestic cases are turning, and perhaps it’s about time.   (more…)

What’s The Beef With “Reality” Stars Like Nene Leakes?

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What’s the beef with “reality” stars?  Now days, just like any job; employers want to know what you bring to the table.  Gone are the days of “on the job training,” and since most jobs expect you to arrive ready to hit the ground running; naturally, the fame “reality” stars bring to any project can be very alluring.   (more…)

Not The Greeks-Petition To Cancel “Sorority Sisters” Reality Show Underway! (Full Video)

Sorority Sisters Episode 1 (click to play)
Sorority Sisters Episode 1 (click to play)

To be honest, this show falls right in-line with any other Mona Scott-Young of “Love & Hip Hop” fame production, only this time the Greeks are not having the tom-foolery.  Thus, a petition is now underway to get “Sorority Sisters” cancelled after only one episode.   (more…)

Judge Sentences Pilar Sanders To Seven Days In Jail!

Pilar Sanders
Pilar Sanders Mugshot

Pilar Sanders, ex-wife of former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders has been sentenced to seven days in jail for failing to return her children as ordered, and defamatory comments posted to social media.    (more…)