Month: December 2014

Congressional Black Staffers Walk-Out In Show of Unity!

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot!"
“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

Today was historical!  More than 150 Congressional Black Staffers staged a walk-out on the steps of the Capitol as a show of unity in support of two Black men who died at the hands of White police officers.    (more…)

Super Model Beverly Johnson Latest To Come Forward In Cosby Case!

Beverly Johnson & Bill Cosby
Beverly Johnson & Bill Cosby

The case continues to mount against legendary comedian, Bill Cosby as super-model, Beverly Johnson is the latest to come forward claiming to have been drugged by Cosby.

What this case serves to expose most is how prone we are to use bad judgement in the presence of celebrity.


Hollywood Divas Reunion Part 1! (Full Video)

Hollywood Divas Episode 9
Hollywood Divas Reunion Part 1 (click to play)

Hollywood Divas Reunion Part 1 was hosted by executive producer, Carlos King. He did an okay job while the other EP, Todd Tucker worked the control room.   (more…)

28 Popular Internet Acronyms All Parents Should Know!

28 Popular Internet Acronyms
28 Popular Internet Acronyms

Parents you can thank me for this later.  Shorthand communication on social media can be daunting for parents, and even though new ones are being introduced daily; here are 28 popular internet acronyms you should know.    (more…)

Ain’t This Something? Target Was Selling Black Barbie For Twice As Much!

Target Selling Black Barbie for Twice The Amount of White BarbieCincinnati resident Warren Johnson was looking to buy his daughter a Barbie for Christmas, so he logged on to Target’s website to see his options.  To his surprise, he discovered Target was selling the Black Barbie doll, same features and accessories for twice the amount of the White Barbie doll.  (more…)

Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play OJ In American Crime Story: “The People v. O.J. Simpson!”

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr.

The FX network has tagged Academy Award winner, Cuba Gooding Jr. for the lead role in the American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.  Sarah Paulson will play the role of Marcia Clark in the first installment of Ryan Murphy’s new anthology miniseries.  (more…)

L&HHH Reunion Part 1 & 2! (Full Video)

L&HHH Reunion Part 1 & 2
L&HHH Reunion Part 1 & 2

L&HHH Reunion Part 1 & 2 was everything you’d expect with the exception of Yung Berg appointing himself antagonist and virtually no female was spared.  This certainly lends credence to the explosive rumor leaked from Ray J’s manager yesterday. (more…)