Month: April 2015

Watermelon Seeds are Edible and Very Nutritious

Watermelon Seeds are NutritiousThis news almost makes me cringe!  When I was young, my dad told me if I ate the seed of a watermelon one would grow in my stomach.  Now this was meant to be a joke of course but for a five or six-year-old at the time;  that was very serious and till this day; I am still careful not to eat the seed of a watermelon.  So sad, I know!   (more…)

Stacey Dash is Just a Pawn!

Isn’t it sad to watch Fox News use Stacey Dash as a pawn in their political games?  At least Elizabeth Hasslebeck can manage an unscripted, intelligent statement, but Stacey on the other hand seems to suffer from some type of syndrome.  (more…)