Month: May 2015

The Telltale Sign You Aren’t Being Your True Self

Father Richard Rohr says that within each of us lie the true self and the false self. The true self, he says, is what religion often calls the soul—your eternal essence. The false self is the persona you create for yourself. Father Richard believes your goal in life is to find and manifest your true self.   (more…)

Does Your Child Have a Victim Mentality? 4 Steps to Turn It Around

Victim MentalityLet’s face it; we all try to avoid things that feel like work and parenting is no different.  Allowing our kids to feel and act like a victim will not bode well for them becoming happy, productive adults.  Kids need to take responsibility for their actions and learn, every action has a consequence.  Setting limits and clear expectations will help them avoid a “victim mentality” and here are 4 steps parents can take along the way. (more…)

Marianne Williamson: The Prayer That Will Get You Through the Toughest Times

Marianne Williamson sat with Oprah for an episode of “Super Soul Sunday” and as usual, imparted some very useful spiritual affirmations on life, love and prayer.  How you feel in a particular moment is not necessarily who you authentically are.  Most of us have not evolved beyond having periods of insanity; the important thing is to recognize them and not act on our insane moments.  (more…)

Jay Z, Beyonce & Blue Ivy Get Cultured In Italy

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Jay Z, and his two leading ladies Beyoncé and Blue Ivy took in some culture in the romantic city of Florence, Italy.  Florence happens to be one of my favorite cities.  It’s not only picturesque and full of history; the architect, food, wine and overall spirit of the locals just takes you right in.   (more…)

Who Lives Longer – Those with Low Cholesterol or High Cholesterol?

CholesterolFirst let’s clear the air on good and bad cholesterol. There’s no such thing. Cholesterol is cholesterol. And its a vital substance for hormone production, the first step of creating vitamin D3 from sunlight, and it’s the cellular building substance for cell walls throughout the body and especially the brain and nervous system.     (more…)

Hard-working Keke Palmer Lands Role in ‘Grease: Live’ on Fox

Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer just can’t be stopped!  At just 21-years-old; she represents her generation well with incredible work-ethic, showing us all-hard-work really does pay-off.  After breaking records on Broadway as the youngest and first African-American to be cast in the lead role of Cinderella; Keke has just landed another coveted position in Grease: Live, Fox’s upcoming live production of the popular musical, set to air on January 31, 2016.   (more…)