Month: June 2015

Tyler Perry Wins Approval on Ft. McPherson Purchase

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and filmmaker Tyler Perry.
Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and filmmaker Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry received more good news after approval was granted on the purchase of the old Ft. McPherson army base for a reported $30 million.  This should be good for the city of East Point though some residents are concerned. (more…)

How To Remove That Stinky Shoe Smell With Used Tea Bags… Genius!

When summer time rolls around we tend to pull our sneakers out and be more active. This causes stinky shoes more often and up until this point not many solutions. Thankfully with an old tea bag you can actually remove that smell and get some extra use out of the tea bag after using it already. The process is very simple and you can use other items to deodorize your stinky tennis shoes to remove that bad smell as well.   (more…)

Sarah Palin & Fox News Part Ways

Sarah PalinIt’s been eight-years but it seems the publics fascination with Sarah Palin is finally waning and she and Fox News have decided to part ways amicably.  (more…)

RHONY Season 7 Episode 12 Recap [Full Episode]

RHONY Season 7 Episode 1
RHONY Season 7 Episode 12

RHONY Season 7 Episode 12 was such an emotional drain.  What a waste to go away to a beautiful tropical island in the middle of winter and spend one minute of time arguing or complaining.  (more…)

Still Drinking Coca Cola? Watch This!

So far you have probably only been aware of how sugar and high fructose corn syrup affect your health and how coca cola and other soft drinks can result in weight gain although it doesn’t contain any calories.  (more…)