Month: September 2015

9.11 Never Forget!

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It’s hard to believe 9/11 happened fourteen-years ago!  Hug your loved ones and #NeverForget!  Our prayers go out to families and friends who lost a loved one!  (more…)

Muslim Flight Attendant Says She Was Unfairly Suspended For Refusing To Serve Alcohol

Charee-StanleyI’m a bit on the fence with this one!  Sure, employers are obligated to provide an equal opportunity environment; however, Charee Stanley had worked as a flight attendant for three-years before converting to Islam.

As a former airline employee, I can say; it is very common that people change departments for various reasons.  This situation certainly warranted a job transfer as there are many departments that would not involve the serving of alcohol at any airline.

Prior knowledge/experience dictates!  Her knowing the duties of a flight attendant were conflicting makes it quite selfish to burden co-workers with this.

Sometimes sacrifices are required for religious beliefs.  And so, a departmental transfer seems like a logical solution in this case (more…)

Vivica A Fox Joins Cast of Empire

Vivica A Fox

It’s official, Vivica A Fox will be joining the cast of Fox’s mega hit, “Empire.”  She will play the role of Cookie’s aka Taraji P Henson’s older sister.  (more…)

29 Holistic Doctors Poisoned at Health Conference


This story is horrifying as 29 Holistic Doctors/Practitioners were believed to have been poisoned at a conference in Germany.  It’s no secrete, big pharma companies and the naturopathic community have been at odds for years but has it really come to this?  (more…)

Is Caitlin Jenner a Fraud?

I apologize to those who like me are sick of all the Caitlin Jenner coverage but after seeing the above clip from the Ellen interview; I’m somewhat convinced, Caitlin/Bruce Jenner could very well be a fraud.  (more…)

Married to Medicine Season 3 Episode 13 Recap [Full Episode]

Married to Medicine Season 3 Episode 13
Married to Medicine Season 3 Episode 13


Married to Medicine Season 3 Episode 13 wasted no time getting the drama started in the Bahamas.  Casting directors did a superb job with this group mixing the right personalities to keep even the most meek and mild on the defense.  (more…)