Month: September 2015

Supermodel Iman Expresses Dismay Over State of Fashion Industry

ImanWith age comes wisdom for most but also the confidence to speak at will.  In particular about what many are thinking but too afraid to express.  Supermodel Iman at 60 never looked better but when asked, when was the last time she attended a runway show; her response was quite telling.  (more…)

Bristol Palin’s Criticism of President Obama Should be Filed Under Comedy

Bristol PalinBristol Palin says, she’s completely dumbfounded by the Presidents trip to Alaska and asks, “Why again?”

As a native Alaskan; you’d think she’d be well-aware of the need to raise awareness to the growing crisis of global warming, but she instead took this opportunity to spread nonsensical rhetoric like her good mama taught her.      (more…)

Attorney Keila Ravelo’s alleged double life jeopardizes one of the biggest anti-trust settlements in history!

Keila RaveloLifetime where you at?  This case is sure to come to a small screen near you as attorney Keila Ravelo and her husband’s alleged private affairs could unravel one of the biggest anti-trust settlements in history.   (more…)

President Obama visits Alaska to bring awareness to global warming & climate change

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President Obama is on a historic three-day trip to Alaska to bring awareness to the affects of climate change and the environment.  He is the first sitting president to visit the Alaskan Arctic and kicked off his trip Monday with a speech about the growing crisis of global warming.   (more…)