Month: October 2015

Blackish Season 2 Episode 3 Recap [Full Episode]

Blackish Season 2 Episode 3
Blackish Season 2 Episode 3

Blackish Season 2 Episode 3 was another hilarious episode!  This show superbly captures the idiosyncrasies of Black Americans and I especially love how they sprinkle a little bit of Black history in each week. (more…)

Harvard’s prestigious debate team loses to New York prison inmates

Harvard UniversityThis is indeed a made for TV moment as the Harvard University’s debate team received an ego check after losing from none other than New York prisoners in a maximum-security jail.  The inmates are currently undertaking college courses and formed a popular, now historic debate club.  The Ivy League students had recently won a national title just months ago. (more…)

Security Breach at 7 Trump Hotels

Trump HotelSeven hotels in Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s namesake is reporting a security breach involving customer credit cards which lasted over a year.  His opponents will no doubt run with this.  (more…)