Month: December 2015

RHOA Season 8 Episode 6 Recap

RHOA Season 8 Episode 6
RHOA Season 8 Episode 6

RHOA Season 8 Episode 6 was another snooze fest.  I’m not sure they got it right with casting this season and newbie Kim Fields is not necessarily who I’m referring to.  (more…)

8 Benefits of Silica Gel Bags

Silica Bags

Have you been throwing out the little white bags of SILICA GEL found in various product boxes?  Well turns out the they are not poisonous whatsoever and can be very useful around the house.  (more…)

POTUS & FLOTUS Share Their Favorite Things in 2015


The POTUS and FLOTUS sat with People for a whimsical interview opening up like never before on some of their favorite things and moments of 2015.  Their last year in office must conjure up lots of emotions but I can’t imagine how Kendrick Lamar must feel knowing his song, “How Much a Dollar Cost” resonated with the Commander-in-Chief.  (more…)

Just How Much are Victoria’s Secret Angels Pulling In?

Joan Smalls

After watching Victoria’s Secret Angels strut down the catwalk during their annual fashion show, I wondered just how much these beautiful women make to stay at the top of their game.  You won’t believe the numbers reported by Forbes; clearly, Brains/Beauty=Winning!  (more…)

How Did ISIS Really Come to Power? Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

This is why President Obama now has a head full of gray hairs.  We can thank Bush and Cheney for the here and now if we are to believe this highly plausible propaganda.  Very interesting twelve-minute video that will leave you questioning it all. (more…)