Black Girls RockLoved the show of sisterhood displayed during the “2016 Black Girls Rock!”  No persons life is obstacle-free; however, Black women especially have so many burdens to bear.  It’s nice to see us unite in understanding and support of one another.  

Beverly BondFounder, Beverly Bond so eloquently gave voice to many issues we largely face today.  There’s so much negativity perpetuated in media; positive images of Black women are too often ignored.

We should “own our magic, and walk in our truth,” as she stated.  I hope the title doesn’t impede upon this reaching the masses.  Though the message is clear, sometimes that may be misconstrued or offensive to others but in the broad scheme of things; this is what our young girls need to hear and see-positive examples glorified and praised.

Franchesca & Tracee
Franchesca & Tracee

Host, Tracee Ellis Ross and all performers; you ROCK!

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