Month: February 2016

Beyoncé drops surprise video featuring Blue Ivy

Beyoncé dropped the video for “Formation” exclusively on Tidal featuring four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.  I love the New Orleans theme; however, this video is sure to spark controversy with adult lyrics and graphics both not suitable for children.   (more…)

Black Inventor: Norbert Rillieux

Norbert Rillieux
Norbert Rillieux March 17, 1806 – October 8, 1894

Although Norbert Rillieux was born to a slave mother in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1806; his father was a wealthy White engineer involved in the cotton industry.  He is credited with revolutionizing the sugar refining industry by improving efficiency, quality and safety.  Read on (more…)

6 Health Benefits Of Red Wine – Prevents Cancer, Burns Fat, Lowers Blood Pressure

6-Health-Benefits-Of-Red-Wine-Prevents-Cancer-Burns-Fat-Lowers-Blood-PressureWine is one of the finer things in life, if you’re a connoisseur then knowing every fact and tidbit about wine may come as second-nature to you. For myself and many others though, the basics are a start. I’m the type of person that has alcohol on rare occasion, a sip of it here or there. A few times a year at most, so i’m no expert in the best microbrewery’s or the best local craft beer.


Why We Celebrate Black History Month

Black History MonthToday is not only the first official day of February but also, Black History Month.   It was not until the 20th century, 1926 to be exact that Americans began to study the contributions of Blacks even though they had been in America dating back to the 1400s.

With that said, ask the average American about anyone outside the realm of entertainment and you might be surprised by how little is known.

This is why we celebrate the month with vigor highlighting the contributions of black inventors, activists, doctors, artists, poets, musicians, designers and the like. (more…)

RHOP Episode 3 Recap [Full Episode]

RHOP Episode 3

Real Housewives of Potomac Episode 3  was another lesson in etiquette.  I say that jokingly though I really don’t understand why so many are up in arms over this.  Clearly, some were never taught acceptable forms of social behavior which would resolve many problems in today’s society.  (more…)

RHOA Season 8 Episode 13 Recap [Full Episode]

RHOA Season 8 Episode 13
RHOA Season 8 Episode 13

RHOA Season 8 Episode 13 brought the drama to the island of Jamaica where Cynthia’s indecision created turmoil and her husband Peter poured on the hospitality.  (more…)