Month: March 2016

Colin Powell: GOP Candidates ‘Belittling’ The Country And Presidency

Colin PowellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell has a message for the Republican Party: “We have to become more respectful of each other.” Speaking on the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan, Powell said he believed she would be “disturbed” by the way her husband’s legacy is invoked by some people today. (more…)

RHOA Season 8 Episode 16 Recap [Full Episode]

RHOA Season 8 Episode 16
RHOA Season 8 Episode 16

RHOA Season 8 Episode 16 was a little dull for me.  Phaedra finally took the boys to see Apollo in prison and we caught a glimpse of the finished commercial Kim Fields shot for Cynthia.  (more…)

The 6 Wine “Rules” That the Pros Always Break


I tend to think there’s always more to learn about wine etiquette.  And so, Rachel Signer has shared a few tips that even the so-called connoisseurs may not know.  For instance, did you know Rosé is only a summer beverage?  Read on for more.  (more…)

WGN’s “Underground” is being described as Amazing Must-See-TV

If you’re thinking “not another slave story” like me; WGN’s “Underground” (about the Underground Railroad) executive produced by John Legend is set to premiere one-week from today on March 9th.  The trailer is out and the series is being described as harrowing and compelling TV that will make you both uncomfortable and amazed.  Read on. (more…)

Big Freedia, The Queen of Bounce Charged with Welfare Fraud

Big FreediaBig Freedia, the self-proclaimed Queen of Bounce has gotten herself into a little situation that may or may not lead to her enjoyment.  Okay, let me stop! She was charged with felony theft of government funds for falsifying information to receive Section 8 housing assistance.  (more…)