Month: April 2016

2016 Black Girls Rock Review

Black Girls RockLoved the show of sisterhood displayed during the “2016 Black Girls Rock!”  No persons life is obstacle-free; however, Black women especially have so many burdens to bear.  It’s nice to see us unite in understanding and support of one another.   (more…)

This Is Why Smarter People are Happier with Fewer Friends

smart peopleIf you believe the class genius is a loner because he’s an arrogant know-it-all, or because he’s socially awkward, that’s not (necessarily) the case. Instead, it might be because he or she is honestly happier without the incessant inane prattling of mere mortals like you, or I.   (more…)

K. Michelle’s, “More Issues Than Vogue” Album Review

K-Michelle-More-Issues-Than-VogueAfter last week’s misstep on The Breakfast Club, I wasn’t too keen on previewing singer/reality TV star K. Michelle’s new album, “More Issues Than Vogue,” but watching her tearful interview with Sway’s Universe; I saw the softer side of this very conflicted woman and really hope she finds peace; enough at least, to enable her to focus on her true gift-music.  (more…)

Did RHOA Husband, Peter Thomas Go Too Far Revealing Wife’s $1.5 Million BRAVO Salary?

RHOA husband, Peter Thomas gave interview with Power 98’s Vonyetta, and disclosed wife, Cynthia Bailey’s salary being $1.5 Million.  Who knew Cynthia was pulling that in?  Well, Peter has received lots of backlash for this interview but in my humble opinion; spoke very sensibly.  Watch the clip and judge for yourself.   (more…)