Month: May 2016

Empire Season 2 Finale Down 38%

Empire Season 2 FinaleEmpire’s Season 2 Finale ratings were down; however, the show is hardly dead in the water finishing first in its 9 PM time-slot. And just like I suspected, Jamal Lyon survived last week’s gunshot even though rumors swirled that he’d left the show.  Sure, worse programming can be found on TV, but this show needs a new writing team stat.  The show had a bad season opener and never seemed to recover with story-lines all-over-the-place all season long.   (more…)

Chef Cured “Incurable” Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Inflammation, Pain And Rheumatoid Arthritis With Food

When it comes to food our relationship with food is developed in our childhood. If that relationship with food is healthy, we benefit in our childhood and hopefully that understanding of food and healthy preparation carries over into our adulthood. I can say that for me personally that my mom was health conscious and did her best to feed her children organic, whole foods and healthy meals.   (more…)

Barry Bonds Calls Racism on Daughter’s School After Classmates Sing N-Word

Barry BondsRetired baseball player, Barry Bonds is outraged because a video has surfaced of his daughter’s private school classmates singing along to a song riddled with the n-word.  This is a common issue as I wrote a post on this topic last February after my daughter experienced the same thing.   (more…)

Hugh Hefner Finally Added to Cosby Suit

Hugh Hefner & Woody Allen @ Playboy Mansion
Hugh Hefner & Woody Allen @ Playboy Mansion

Though nothing much will probably come of this; I’ve always felt Bill Cosby was one of a few in now ninety-year-old Hugh Hefner’s “boys club,” so the news of him being added to the Cosby lawsuit seems utterly just to me.   (more…)

Christian Combs Dappers-up for Senior Prom

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Sean “Diddy” Combs is known to spruce things up for special moments so it should come as no surprise that his off-spring and mini-me, Christian Combs did the same for his senior prom.  It certainly didn’t hurt to have his beautiful girl, Breah Hicks as arm candy since the two love-birds have been going strong for more than two-years now.   (more…)

Keyshia Cole Finds Joy After Connecting With Father

Keyshia ColeR & B singer Keyshia Cole has a well documented past which includes a drug addicted mother and absent father, and though she was adopted by a loving family; she never stop yearning for her biological father whom she had never met.   (more…)

B. Smith, Dan Gasby Share Love Story, Alzheimer’s Struggle | TODAY

B. Smith and Dan Gasby are out with their new book “Before I Forget,” which details their struggles with Alzheimer’s. It’s part memoir and part caregiver’s guide with practical and helpful advice on how best to deal with the day-to-day challenges, family realities and tensions, ways of coping, and coming scientific research that may tip the scale. TODAY’s Al Roker speaks wtih B. Smith and Dan Gasby about the book.  (more…)