Month: November 2016

“We Blame Donald” For Everything!

We Blame DonaldFor the past 8-years folks have blamed everything imaginable on President Obama so I thought we’d return the favor by starting a new trend.  “WeBlameDonald” will be our new hashtag for every problem big or small; the more ridiculous the better so let’s have fun with this come January!   (more…)

Oprah Clarifies Post Election Trump Tweet


SNL with Dave Chappelle [Full Episode]

Dave Chappelle
Watch Dave Chappelle Live on SNL

Comedian, Dave Chappelle made his triumphant return just in time for added perspective on our new “learn as he go” president-elect or as he says, “America’s done it; we’ve elected our first internet troll.”  (more…)

Donald Trump’s Stunning Upset Makes Him America’s 45th President!

Trump winsI was up all night hoping for a miracle!  Mainly because my teenage daughter, who is well-aware of Donald Trump’s rhetoric was assured a Clinton victory before bed last night. So, I fretted over how I would explain our Democratic process and the impact this election would have on our day-to-day lives.  (more…)

Hillary Clinton Cleared Once Again in Email Probe

Hillary ClintonFBI Director, James Comey sent a letter to Congress Sunday saying the FBI has reviewed everything in the emails recovered from Clinton top aid, Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner’s computer enabling them to conclude once again, Hillary was careless but did not commit a crime.  (more…)

Is Charlize Theron Challenging Gender Norms?

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron with daughter Augusta and son Jackson

This recent picture of actress/film producer Charlize Theron left me scratching my head as she’s clearly challenging traditional gender roles while raising her two adopted children, Jackson and Augusta Theron.  The South African born mother like fellow actress, Angelina Jolie are both raising non-gender conforming children but should this become the norm? (more…)