Month: August 2017

Do You Know Where Your Donations Went?

DonationsEver wondered how fast your money gets to the intended recipients after natural disasters? Every dollar you donate isn’t going directly to the victims you’re intending to help and here’s why.  (more…)

Understanding ‘Black Pride’ vs. ‘White Pride’ in America

This insightful ‘black pride’ vs. ‘white pride’ post was forwarded to me so I thought I’d share. American Blacks are an intriguing group for many reasons. Sure, we’re broken, resilient, strong, creative, trendsetters, and so on but let’s discuss our ability to create a culture from a forgotten past.


Betsy DeVos’ Investment in Company Raises Ethics Issues

Betsy DeVosThe glaring conflict of interests by this Trump administration is nauseating.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos didn’t divest her multi-million dollar stake in a controversial “brain training” company and has reportedly increased her investment since taking office.  (more…)