It’s been five-days since 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in a hotel freezer after partying with friends.  A voice/sound analyst has reviewed and manipulated the tape to increase sound quality so take a look to see what was discovered.

Irene Robinson
Irene Robinson

Kenneka’s friend, Irene Robinson (the girl wearing the mirrored glasses in the now infamous video) could be heard allegedly saying, “I told y’all,’ in response to another attendee who seemingly said, “They stupid, they[sic] in there raping her [Kenneka Jenkins],” just before the music volume is increased.

The moaning heard almost sounds sexual, which is consistent with reports of rape.

If Jenkins was indeed gang-raped, Robinson and others may be too fearful of the perpetrators vengeance to report what they know.

Again, gang-culture is rampant in Chicago but DNA should be all over this victim.

Rest peacefully, Kenneka Jenkins.  No one deserves to die like this!

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