Dave ChappelleI had to cut and splice this clip of Dave Chappelle performing his new comedy special, “Age of Spin” on Netflix so please catch it in its entirety for full context.

Clip: Dave Chappelle

Please allow me to preface my statement with this; I am in no way attempting to condone, excuse or justify rape. Rape is rape and inexcusable in my opinion; however, this excerpt from Dave Chappelle begs the question; is it ever okay to continue honoring a person’s good deeds once you’ve become aware of their bad?

The allegations against Bill Cosby are awful and understandably difficult to ascertain for those of us who loved and admired his work, yet consistent with many of our public figures.

That is, the person we come to know and love, is only a small part of who they truly are and perhaps the best.

Let me hear your thoughts.

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