Kelly RipaKelly Ripa finally got the attention, oops I mean respect she craved after her two-day boycott gave her “perspective.”  She walked out hand-in-hand with co-host Michael Strahan as always, but something about knowing the truth made this show of camaraderie a bit nauseating.  

Kelly RipaShe received an extended applause before turning to Michael and saying, “I am thrilled for Michael; I am thrilled for you,” as if anyone really believes that.

Kelly RipaKelly and Michael are both under contract.  We now know they’ve not liked each other since Michael took the part-time position at GMA.

I suspect this has more to do with jealousy and control than anything because she’s been in show business long enough to know there are non-disclosure stipulations in every contract.

Call me crazy, but most people wouldn’t typically share confidential information with a foe.

No, she expected Michael to be a little suck-up since she fought for him to be on the show.  And BTW, him being on the show benefited them both as the ratings for ‘Live’ have been great since he took a chair.

I remember an episode where the subject of higher education discussed.  Michael proudly professed he’d earned a Bachelor’s degree to which Kelly sheepishly admitted she only held a high school diploma and how she often feels uncomfortable around people with more education than her.

And there in part lies the problem; she didn’t anticipate Michael becoming more popular and in-demand than her.

I don’t blame him for taking advantage of the GMA opportunity. As one insider reported, he was tired of the snide remarks and disrespect from her and as his popularity increased so would her envy.

Kelly’s salary is believed to be around $20 million a year; she should really get over herself as people who make a lot less deal with a lot more on the day everyday.

Best wishes to them both!

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