Apollo Nida
Apollo Nida

RHOA star, Apollo Nida has about one-hour before he faces one of Georgia’s toughest Federal Prosecutors.

At 2 pm Apollo Nida will enter a Federal courtroom represented by the Cochran firm in Atlanta, GA.

Early estimates say he is expected to receive as much as fifteen years in Federal prison for his fraud conviction.

Apollo’s legal team asked the  judge not to follow U.S. Attorney’s recommendation to sentence him as a category 5 offender.  Instead requesting a downward departure to a Category 4 based on prior convictions were in his much-younger years between the age of 19-23 for non-violent offenses.

It is unknown whether he will be accompanied by his wife, RHOA star Phaedra Parks in court today; however, stay tuned for an update shortly after sentencing.

Photo courtesy of Apollo Nida’s Instagram.