Essence CoverThe bible says, ask and you shall receive-little did we know that would apply to Oprah’s cover dress.  A fan by the name of Brandi, asked Oprah via Twitter if she could have the dress worn on the cover issue of her Essence Magazine shoot, and guess what?  Oprah said, “yes!”  See exchange here:

‘You look beautiful in that essence cover pic. WOW. CAN I please have that dress? Cuz I know u won’t wear again lol luv u,’ [sic] the fan tweeted.

And she got the surprise of her life when the talk show host agreed.

‘You’re right I won’t wear ever again contact my asst. and show her this tweet,’ Oprah, 60, replied.

Brandi, received the Brian Rennie for Basler gown one week later, and though she is not yet engaged, plans to wear it at her wedding someday.  It pays to plan ahead!

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