Bethenny Frankel and fan.
Bethenny Frankel and fan.

Bethenny Frankel’s talk show may have been canceled but that has not diminished the ‘Skinny Girl’s’ confidence.

The ‘reality star’ is currently in negotiations with Bravo to launch a new show, and according to Radar Online-making crazy demands before agreeing to move forward.

You see, before Bethenny got her talk show, she was the highest paid housewife before leaving the series.  For this new show, she expects to be paid in the multi-millions and wants to maintain some type of creative control over the project.

Reports say, “She wants everything: hair and makeup and wardrobe,” the source explains. “She’ll also need a stylist — and everything will have to be paid for by the network.”  In addition, “She’ll also have to be a producer on the show. She wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t producing.”

Sources say Bethenny isn’t limiting placement of her new show to Bravo, and will ultimately go to the highest bidder.

A source revealed, “If she makes a deal with Bravo, she will have to make cameos on Housewives,” the source claims. “Part of the deal would be, if she would get her own show, she would have to make cameos because the ratings on RHONY are so low.”

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