Music MogulsLike him or hate, Dame Dash is great for TV and simply put; BET’s, “Music Moguls” wouldn’t be the same without him.  Not sure whether Dame is living in his own delusions of grandeur or really is smarter than the rest of us, but he sure talks a good game and poor Jermaine Dupri just couldn’t hang.  

Music MogulsThat conversation taught us one thing, never underestimate a fighter.  Dame Dash is a legend and not for all the right reasons.  He certainly has the gift of gab along with enough tenacity to match making the average person hard pressed to win an argument against him.

Better show and tell, like Jay Z than take a tongue lashing down a road to nowhere.  He’s going to argue his point whether he believes what he’s saying or not.

JD meant well but his actions failed to coincide with his well-intentions leaving him every bit vulnerable to the wrath of Dash.

As for the other cast members, Birdman’s scenes felt contrived and creepy.

Snoop on the other hand, came across as the stoner he epitomizes though smart enough to surround himself with a great creative team.

One things for sure, this series will be entertaining to say the least.

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