BeyonceBeyoncé got emotional during the opening night of her Formation World Tour Wednesday night in Miami.  She thanked the “Beyhive” for their undying support and in case you’re wondering; yes, her man Jay Z was in the building.  

(click to play)
Beyonce thanks the Beyhive! (click to play)

The crowd was turnt-up as they say even singing along to new music released just four-days ago. Most artists see fans taking a concession or potty break on new music but the Beyhive came prepared and that had to feel good after this emotional week.

FullSizeRender (9)Lots of celebrities showed support including: Lil Wayne who performed a set with the opener, DJ Khaled.  Take a look at a few more videos fans posted on the gram.


Oh yeah, Blue made sure to show mommy some love before she took the stage.

BeyonceBeyonce’s alcolades are well-deserved!  Her work ethic is apparent and no other artist in this generation puts it in like her.

Continued success to this Queen Diva!!!!!

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