BeyonceBeyoncé’s, Formation World Tour has already grossed over $210 Million in ticket sales alone and with nine more shows to go; that easily puts her in the No.1 spot on Bill Board’s weekly Hot Tours list.

The first two legs of the tour — through North America in the spring followed by a five-week trek in Europe that wrapped Aug. 3 — generated 1.8 million tickets sold at 40 performances.  The European segment included 17 concerts at 16 venues, with box office sales reaching $86.9 million.

Each of the venues on the European schedule hosted the tour for a single night except for London’s Wembley Stadium that drew 142,500 fans on July 2 and 3. The two-night stint earned $15.3 million, the sixth-highest gross of the year based on reported Boxscores from touring artists of all genres.

The best-attended show so far on the Formation World Tour occurred at her July 21 show at the Stade de France in Paris. A total of 75,106 tickets were sold to the concert. (That beats the 55,736 tickets sold to her May 14 Rose Bowl show in Pasadena, Calif. — which had been the tour’s best-attended show.)

This figure doesn’t include merchandising so Beyoncé is seriously cashing-in.  Continued success to her!

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