Is Beyoncé’s image too sexy?  There’s no denying her image has taken a sexy-turn, but is it too sexy?  I guess that would depend on who you ask.

Personally, I’ve admired her talent and poise since her days with Destiny’s Child, but have to admit-I’m a bit-uneasy with the overt-nature of late.

As I recall an appearance on the now defunct, Oprah Winfrey Show; Beyoncé candidly talked about her conscious decision to cover and reveal less.  Now one can argue-that was ten years ago, but aside from that; what has changed?

Let’s see, Beyoncé is now a happily-married woman, a mother and apparently-astute businesswoman. Yet, with all her success, someone or something has evoked change.

I’d like to think change is inevitable.  However, should a talent of this calibre resort to measures beyond “talent” to remain relevant?  Is that plausible in today’s era?

Although Beyoncé’s latest performances have been a bit risqué; I must admit-I’ve not been offended by any; however, many have…not sure if it were the act itself or the shock of seeing Beyoncé in that light.

Never the less, my only suggestion to Beyoncé at this point is, limit your presence on social media-Selfies are usually without purpose and a bit egomaniacal.  Nowadays, we too often see A-list celebrities stooping to the antics of “reality stars” to gain relevancy; when in reality, undeniable talent is what makes you relevant!

Whatever the intent, tongues are wagging.  Let’s just hope she’s taking her clothes-off for her own reasons and isn’t succumbing to the pressures of being someone other than herself.

Beyoncé is currently on the European leg of the Mrs. Carter World Tour with an all-new set list.

Images courtesy of callhermrscarter.