Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter World Tour touted the hardest working show on stage as the singer performs the nearly two-hour set, barely-breaking a sweat.

With an all-new set, track list and costumes designed by Versace; Beyoncé appears to be unstoppable!  She consistently performs to sold-out shows, receiving five-star reviews of her Mrs. Carter World Tour.  Her endurance and stage presence have always set her apart from the rest, but has she positioned herself to be the top pop-act of this era?

Some would say, yes!  Her command of the stage and fearlessness has paid-off as she both produced and directed her latest tour putting her directly in charge of her creative-vision.  Most experts would agree; the move was risky but boy has it paid-off.  The tour is projected to gross over-two hundred million by the time the tours ends later this year.

Beyoncé is currently on the European leg of her tour through March 27th.  You can check for dates here:

Images courtesy of Beyoncé’s, callhermrscarter Instagram account.