Bill Maher on Gay Mafia
Bill Maher on Gay Mafia (watch)


Bill Maher, host of ‘Real Time’ said on his popular talk-show, “I think there really is a gay mafia-I think that if you cross them you will get whacked!”

The comment was made in response to Mozilla CEO, Brendon Eich having step-down because of a $1,000 donation made in 2008 supporting a ban on gay marriage.

The panel was asked to share their thoughts on the controversy.  Rapper NAS (to his left) seemed to agree with the sentiment while one on the panel pointed-out the unfairness of Eich being singled-out.

There were mixed views on Twitter as well.  Many seemed to support Maher’s claims while others felt it spoke to the inequality the LGBT community still faces.

Maher is a comedian, and known to spark controversy so tell me; does he get a pass?