Dr. Ben CarsonBen Carson:  In fifth grade, Carson was failing and his class mates called him “dummy.”  Since Carson’s mom, Sonja, a third-grade drop-out, didn’t want her two boys to follow in her footsteps, she cracked the whip. The Mom-on-a-mission limited TV-watching and kept her sons from playing outside until all homework was done. The Carson boys had to read two books a week then give their mom two book reports on what they had read, even though she could barely make out what they had written. Within a few weeks, Carson turned his grade average around and realized he was far from stupid. A year later, he topped his class. Carson began to consume books and placed becoming a doctor on his radar. He soon graduated with honors from high school and set his sights on Yale University, earning a Psychology degree from the Ivy League school.

When he attended the University of Michigan’s medical school, he switched from psychiatry to neurosurgery. Upon graduating, Carson completed his residency at the famed Johns Hopkins, and by 32, he became the director of pediatric neurosurgery.  In 1987, Carson made medical history with an operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins.

Carson has pioneered other successful surgical innovations that have actually cheated death.  The man with the gifted hands, who lives by the belief that “no one should ever get too big for God,” has received the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is greatly in demand as a speaker.

Carson’s other true passion is the state of education in this country. Lamenting the lack of quality in this country’s public education system, Carson has dedicated himself to frequently visiting with Black school children in order to motivate them to strive to become all that they can be.  “I tell them about slavery, when it was illegal for Blacks to learn how to read. I say, Now why do you think that was? Do you think that was just arbitrary? No, the reason they didn’t want you to be educated is because education empowers people. So why would you voluntarily do to yourself what was being imposed by an unjust system before?”

By Ruth Manuel Logan

Information reprinted from: http://newsone.com/2064927/black-geniuses/

This Black History Month, we salute Dr. Ben Carson!