Blood, Sweat & Heels CastMica, who owns a successful modeling agency, decides it’s time to get back to work after the death of her father.

Swimsuit season is here, so the time has come to update her models portfolios.  After, reviewing the photo shoot-Mica ponders sending the pics out to perspective clients.

Shortly after, Mica’s boyfriend, Terry arrives with mail.  Demetria’s boat cruise invite has arrived.

All the girls are now in receipt of their invites; however, Geneva is apprehensive about going.

Demetria, goes out to shoot her cover for her follow-up book, “Don’t Waste Your Pretty.”  The book is ultimately about loving yourself, but she’s not too excited about the shoot.

Brie, decides to host a charity ride at, “Flywheel”.  The benefit is to eradicate poverty for people under the age of 18.

Geneva announces she won’t be attending the boat ride. And, ask Daisy, “How are you are Demetria doing?”  Daisy replied, “Fine.”

Melyssa’s mom and aunt arrive from Toronto.  Much to everyone’s surprise, Melissa’s mom is Caucasian.  They proceed to drink beer and reminisce.  She tells her mom that real estate is a struggle and she kids, “I was hoping a rich man will come and rescue me.”  Much to her mom and aunts dismay.  She proceeds to get ready for the boat cruise.

Demetria and fiancé, Greg discuss outfits for boat ride.  He suggests she wear something more suitable in case a fight breaks-out.  Demetria expressed, “If we all just talk it shouldn’t be all that.”

Daisy is making gifts boxes for the ladies. And, jokes, “This soap will cleanse Geneva of her impurities.”

Demetria and Melyssa ride in taxi together to boat ride.  They each discuss their expectations for the evening.  Melyssa still seems a bit in-the-dark about the Sag Harbour debacle and suggests no mention of alcohol consumption.

Mica and Terry discuss their expectations on the ride over, and it’s clear-Mica is expecting an apology.

The girls all start to arrive.  Geneva surprisingly shows-up.

After cocktails, dinner starts.  Daisy expressed how happy she is to be there, and proceeds to give out gift-boxes.  All the ladies are pleased and thankful.

Demetria opens up dialogue, and asked that everyone express their grievances in an adult, grown and sexy way.

One, by one all the ladies open up.  The conversation quickly turns to Mica’s alcohol consumption.  Mica tells Demetria she lacks compassion.

Brie tells Mica that she’s a sloppy drunk.

Mica excuses herself from the table, and goes to the lower deck.  She express feeling alone, and disappointed Daisy and Melyssa didn’t defend her more.

Blood, Sweat & Heels CastDaisy finds her below, and begins to comfort her.  She apologized for not being more vocal at dinner.

Melyssa joins in, and also apologizes to Mica.

Demetria excludes Mica, and calls Daisy and Melyssa above to see fireworks display.  Mica feels hurt, and decided to remain below.  Melyssa convince her to come along.

Once above, the ladies begin to reflect on the past year, and all acknowledged not much had been resolved, but seem hopeful things will eventually work themselves out.

All-in-all, the finale of Blood, Sweat & Heels was pretty boring; however, I enjoyed the season overall.