Blood, Sweat & Heels Cast
Blood, Sweat & Heels Cast

First off, all the ladies were present for the ‘Blood, Sweat & Heels’ reunion show.  Andy Cohen started the show by asking the ladies to describe their style in one word.

Geneva, who wore a long peach-colored fitted gown, accented with a fur shawl-described her style as,  “Black Bottom”, a district in Detroit from the forties that was all about Jazz.  She likened it to the Detroit version of the ‘Harlem Renaissance’.

Demetria wore a fuchsia colored sleeveless dress with gold heels.  She described her style as “Belle.”

Brie wore a mud-colored clingy dress with heels and struggled a bit describing her style settling on “chic.”

Mica, wore a black cocktail dress with see-through cut-outs and appliques (very pretty)described her style as” Vanity Six.”

Daisy wore a fuchsia colored, strapless maxi-dress with a clunky blue necklace.  Andy asked about her hair and she said, “This is my Yoncé, I have a collection of wigs.” “All of my wigs are inspired by Beyoncé.”   “It goes like this, my short Bobs are my work, this is my weekend playful hair.”  “I wear long hair on the weekend and playful when I go out.”  She described her style as “Malibu Barbie.”

Melyssa wore a black sleeveless dress with gold accents and heels.  She described her style as, “regal.”

Then followed viewer questions.  Demetria was asked if she made good money as a blogger.  She seemed offended by the question and replied, “That’s not the only thing I do.  I’ve written some books, and I’m also a freelance contributor.  I’ve written for several sites since 2000.  So, I make quite a bit of money off my writing.”

Melyssa was asked, why would she return to making celebrity appearances after starting a career in real estate? She replied, “You can’t escape who you are, and I’ve been doing it for 13-14 years.”  You gotta find a way to get the bills paid so if I can go to a party and sit for 2 hours and make $5-10,000 dollars-I’m sorry, I don’t see anything wrong with that.” Andy asked had she made a sale in real estate yet, she said, “Yeah, I’ve transacted more than 2 million dollars in real estate-I’m doing very, very well.”

Of course we know in New York City, that could be one property, but who’s counting. 

Andy goes on to ask if she felt Daisy was being judgemental and condescending about her hosting parties.  She said, she felt judged by several of the ladies-to which Daisy asked, “What did I say to make you feel judged?”  She replied, “You made a comment about, well I thought Melyssa was trying to get away from that and do real estate.”  Daisy said, “Well, that’s what you told me.”

So they rolled the footage of Demetria and Geneva discussing Melyssa being paid for autographs.  Melyssa said, “The way it was discussed was like I was showing up to a porn set with a dildo in my hand.” I’m in a pretty dress, I have on Tom Ford heels and I just don’t understand how it could be described like that.”  “It has always been a part of my business to fulfill fantasies.”

Demetria went on to apologize for the comment she made regarding her doubts as to whether Melyssa knew how to make money without using her body or sexuality.

All the ladies chime in and accuse each another of acting differently when the cameras are rolling.

Daisy said Demetria treated her as if she was beneath her.  Mica said Demetria was totally different when the cameras weren’t rolling.  Demetria accuses Mica of being borderline demure to which she denies.  Brie comes to her defense saying, “Mica’s the same person-she does not change.  What you see on camera is who she is.”

Not sure if that was meant to be a compliment or not.

Daisy asks, how am I different off-camera.  Demetria and Geneva both agree that she’s very different and over the top.  Demetria goes on to say that she’s very manipulative and willing to do and or say anything for attention.

Brie chimes in, “I think you are, and this is a compliment-I think you are a more positive person in person than you are on camera. On camera you have a comment about everyone and everything and just spew negativity.”

Geneva becomes emotional, holding back her tears saying, “You and I knew each other as fashion-journalists.”  “I met you when I worked for Ebony magazine.” She said, when the cameras started rolling she felt like she no longer had a friend in her.

Daisy appears stunned by all of the remarks.

If the ladies are blessed with a season 2, it wouldn’t surprise me if Brie gets replaced.  She admitted to censoring herself which is the ultimate no-no in “Reality TV.”

I hope Mica finds herself in therapy!  She seems like a lovely tortured soul, and really shouldn’t blame Demetria or Geneva for being standoffish, as her behavior was very off-putting.  I agreed with Andy’s assessment-I don’t think she and Terry are still together.  He seemed shady to me anyway.

Demetria seems to have her stuff together; however, she does carry herself as though she’s beyond reproach.  I see her as a person that sits and wait for one misstep in spoken word-then she quickly moves in to discredit.  That part of her personality is very unattractive, but overall I appreciate her confidence and drive.

Geneva didn’t have much to say during the taping, but I was happy to see her emotional-side for once.  I feel she overshared on her sex life….I didn’t need to see nor hear all that.

Daisy handled herself well as it seemed at times-all of the “Louds” (Geneva, Demetria & Brie) were gunning for her.  Not sure how Geneva and Demetria became the dynamic-duo, but I find their overall assessment of Daisy being shady and manipulative hard-to-believe.

Daisy has always struck me as the most-bubbly and positive personality of the group.  Perhaps the ladies are a bit envious as she and Melyssa were pretty-much the only two that liked how they were depicted on camera.

Melyssa again came across smart and genuine.  I love her candor, humility and courage to face the difficult questions about her past.  She exudes confidence and class and that’s rare considering the world from which she came (professionally).

Brie was a bit of a bore!  I felt she was on a mission to justify her “lack of appeal” in fear of losing her gig on the show.  I’m sure she realized her voice was rather mute after reviewing the season.  Though I loved seeing her class and charm depicted on TV; she’s the one easily forgotten.

All of the women expressed having a man except Daisy who proclaimed to be focused on her career at the moment.

I hope the ratings were high enough to warrant a second season.  We need to see these images of black women on Reality TV. 

Best of luck to them all!