Bob Whitfield Sheree WhitfieldBob Whitfield published a rather poetic “open apology letter” to “Her” aka ex-wife Sheree Whitfield after joking about domestic abuse in their relationship on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


My Dearest Woman

I am wrong. I made trivial the abuse of  HER in front of the world.  I am no monster.  I allowed truth, comedy and conjecture to convey an image of myself that I would never condone.  I know  how emotionally charged anger can inflict damage to someone you hold dear.  My mockery is shameful and no longer funny. One instance of psychological abuse may not condemn someone​ to death, yet it would be no instances that makes a man wholesome; by being thoughtful in words and actions; being responsible in procedure and measures; being a protector, provider and provisioner for his family;  and to show proper restraint with committing actions that lack virtue;

I laugh because it feels better than crying. However, I must cry for forgiveness. My humility now is true to the pride that I take of holding HER to the highest esteem as mother or as wife, as confidant or as friend .

This ode is true…

I’ve noticed that often times my opinion on a show or a subject tends to color the comments here a bit. So in this instance, I’ve opted to refrain from comment in order to get everyone’s true opinions. At least for a bit. I may join you in comments later.

Bob Whitfield

This couldn’t feel more insincere.  I’m sure Bob didn’t intend to portray himself in this fashion on RHOA but the truth always finds its way to light. He needs to be more forthright with his apology before anyone takes him seriously.

As for Sheree, her love for everything nice may have added to her susceptibility in all of this.

We don’t know the full extent of what happened in their relationship but ladies; generally speaking, if you have a penchant for luxurious things; be prepared to afford your own or fall into the grips of abuse and or control.

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