Mrs. Obama & Bow Wow
Mrs. Obama & Bow Wow

Going from rapper to actor, and now television host, we’ve watched Bow Wow grow-up before our eyes.

Age 13
Bow Wow-Age 13

There’s no denying the twenty-seven year old, aka Shad Moss is on the rise again.

He says, “Longevity can’t be taught.  It’s something you must understand, know what’s important and do everything to not go off track or lose what you love.”

When Bow Wow took the hosting gig on BET’s 106 in Park last year, many criticized the rapper saying he’s “hustling backwards.”  Questioning, why would a rapper/actor take a job at BET?

Well, fast-forward to today and you need not wonder why.  This high-profiled position seen in over 85-million homes and multiple countries-has opened up so many doors for the young man placing him in otherwise, unlikely company.

This past week, Bow Wow was invited to speak at Howard University’s College Tour in support of the First Lady’s higher education initiative.

The FLOTUS had some kind words to say at the discussion.

“Let’s give it up for Bow Wow.  Very proud of this young man.  I have grown very fond of him.  We’ve done some good work together, and his commitment to education, his commitment to young people, and BET’s commitment, it just means the world to me and I know it means the world to all of you.”

I’m sure even he couldn’t have imagined this two-years ago.

His mentor Jermaine Dupri posted the following message to his Instagram recently saying, “My youngin killin yall!”

JD's tribute to Bow Wow.
JD’s tribute to Bow Wow

To all the naysayers, Bow Wow gets the last laugh!

He says he had it all planned out and attributes his success to those that came before him; specifically, Snoop, JD and Puffy.  And advised young men to pay close attention and align themselves with great people so that they too can become great one day.

Diddy, JD & Bow Wow
Diddy, JD & Bow Wow

You can catch Bow Wow weeknights on BET’s 106 & Park with co-host Keshia Chanté.

Bow Wow & Keshia Chanté (watch)
Bow Wow & Keshia Chanté (watch)