Apollo Nida
Apollo Nida

Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight-years in Federal penitentiary today.  He was given leniency for cooperating and allowed to voluntarily surrender at a later time.

Legal experts estimate he will end up serving 6-7 years while his co-conspirator, Gayla St, Julien was sentenced to five-years and one-month earlier this year.

It pays to have good representation….that is the Cochran firm. If Johnny was alive, he may have gotten off with probation.

Phaedra did not accompany Apollo in court today.  His mother took the stand and talked about his upbringing or lack there of.  She acknowledged being a neglectful parent due to an ongoing drug problem stating she too was in and out of prison and begged the court for leniency.  It seemed to have worked or at least helped.

  • He will remain free until a prison is assigned.
  • He gets guaranteed placement in a facility near Atlanta so that his children can visit.
  • He was given a drug and alcohol program entitling him to one-year reduced sentence.

No one wants to go to jail but he had to breath a sigh of relief as he left the courtroom today.  We all expected a lot worse.

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