Bruce JennerAfter watching the KUWTK special “About Bruce” there are so many questions.  First, we can only imagine how difficult this must be for the entire family, especially Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  It’s easy to say, “We just want you to be happy.”  But what does that really mean?  I suspect it varies from person to person; however, I am particularly annoyed by Bruce Jenner’s lack of sensitivity with his children.  

He must feel; I’ve deprived myself of who I am for sixty-five-years, it’s all about me now.  I get that but you’re also a parent who made a choice to have six children knowing your struggles.

The way he and Kris handled this with the kids including the Kardashans is quite appalling!

Although Kris denied knowing Bruce’s secret; we know that isn’t true, but what does her knowing really say about her character?

Bruce said in the Diane Sawyer interview that he had been on hormones for five-years before meeting Kris and even had size 36 B cup breast at the time.  Big clue, right?

Kris presents herself as a person that accepts people for who they are and says, “Everyone struggles with something about them.”

True, but I get the impression she went along with keeping his secret in exchange for the lifestyle he would provide for her and the kids.

She had recently separated from Robert Kardashian when she met Bruce and admitted to being concerned about her finances.  Her and Bruce married approximately six-months later.

Now Kendall admits she found make up and lipstick around and initially thought he was having an affair until she caught him wearing a dress around the house at 4 am.  Kim also caught him wearing a dress at home.

I get Bruce struggled with gender identity, but again; he knew that before fathering six kids.  I find it was quite selfish of him to cross-dress in the family home.  Why run the risk of emotionally scarring your kids if you don’t have to?

He downplays this like it’s no big deal.

And what does this say about the mother Kris?  I don’t believe she didn’t know Bruce was cross-dressing around the house even though the kids say they kept it a secrete.  That sounds more like the kids protecting the empire that mom has created than anything.

All of this is very disturbing so I would love to hear a therapist sound-off about it.

I can empathize with the Kardashian and Jenner girls and now see why Bruce really threw Khloe under the bus during the Diane Sawyer interview.  She was the only one who called him out for not being honest after divulging his secret with his kids.

And Bruce saying to her, “Kendall and Kylie are the only ones I’m concerned about,” was mean and his actions tell a different story.

Bruce is concerned about Bruce and perhaps rightfully so, but I for one feel he should give more thought to the fact that his kids didn’t ask to be here and the Kardashian kids came into his life by way of a mom who at the very least should have considered how Bruce’s secret may later impact her children.

Khloe & Kendall

It must have been exhausting to keep this a secret for all these years but at home; it seems he wanted people to know.  Why else would he risk wearing women’s clothing in the family home and continue doing so after getting caught?

Maybe this is me not understanding the psychology behind all of this but I found it repulsive watching him withhold pertinent information surrounding the timeline for his transition.

He’s right; there’s no right way to handle something like this but there’s a decent and considerate way.

Kris Jenner forsake her kids the moment she said I do to Bruce.

Much respect to Khole for keeping it real.  And to Kylie and Kendall may God strengthen you through it all.

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