Bruce JennerBruce Jenner finally revealed to the world what we already knew; he-is-indeed-a-she and transitioning to a woman.  Some of the most interesting tidbits aside from defining gender identity and what it means to be transgendered however, concerned the Kardashians of course.  

BTW, Kris Jenner has had a lot of work done judging from old photos shared during the broadcast.

Bruce revealed he began hormone treatment in the eighties and when he met Kris; he was a solid size 36 B cup.

He went on to say, Kris was well aware of his secret so now we know she lied all along claiming to not have had any idea.  I guess we can understand why but considering the breast were there when they met; was she then in denial or just willing to roll-with-it for the fame and money?

His son Brandon was the first of his biological children he told who felt relieved by the news.  Brody said it all made sense once he learned saying there were clues along the way.

Kim was the first of the stepchildren to discover his secret having walked in on him wearing a dress followed by Kendall many years later in similar fashion, only this time her computer recorded him sneaking clothes from her closet.

Khloe took it the hardest because she’s had a lot of loss in her life according to Bruce.  I found that very telling considering Kim is on her third marriage and also lost her dad.  Wonder if he’s trying to tell us Khloe’s not really Robert Kardashian’s.

He also said Kourtney was concerned about the impact his transition would have on her kids.

Kim, he says with Kanye’s infinite wisdom, has by far been the most accepting and easiest to talk to about this which is understandable given how she came to fame.

Towards the end of the interview he became more and more at ease with Diane.  We can only imagine how freeing this must feel, but isn’t it ironic that his older kids who many felt he abandoned once he married Kris were the only ones who saw fit to support him on camera?

I’m sure this is difficult for the younger two especially, but now that the show has aired, the Kardashian/Jenner girls have all tweeted out support for Bruce. Is this sincere or yet another attempt to protect their brand?  Maybe both, who knows?

I did notice his subtle reveal of what should be no secret to anyone by now that KUWTK is not real saying, “The one real true story in the family on the show was the one I was hiding and no one really knew about.  And I couldn’t talk about it.  I had the story all along.”

For me, that was odd and rather silly.  He seemed to not only enjoy the fame from all of this but also be in competition with Kris and the Kardashians over who’s more deserving of the fame.

Another thing to point out was that he finally decided he could no longer endure living a lie after becoming “financially secure” again from doing eight-years of the “reality” show.  So like many, people will compromise who they are for fame and money, though temporary.

I’m not convinced this interview will do much in changing opinions towards transgendered.  The footage of transgendered beatings was hard to watch but somehow this interview will get lost in all of the never-ending Kardashian coverage.  Mainly because Kris is using Bruce’s journey as storyline for the show.

He did admit to not being a spokesperson for the community and oddly enough to being a Republican as well.

When Diane asked, “Do you think it will be a little unsettling to some members in the conservative wing of the Republican party?” He responded, “I thought about that.”

And went on to say he thought they would be very receptive to championing the cause.  Really?

Farewell to Bruce Jenner and best of luck living your truth!

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