Cam NewtonThese glaring double standards are making  my blood boil! Cam Newton, has been dropped by Dannon Oikos yogurt over what they call, a sexist remark. I truly hope he doesn’t apologize for this foolishness!

This seemed more like an indirect compliment of the reporter’s knowledge than anything else.

As a woman, I see no harm in a man not expecting me to know intricate details about the game of football and this was evidenced by her line of questioning to which I knew nothing about.

Sure, some women do but most don’t. Gender roles/stereotypes exist in our society. Perhaps this should be a teachable moment rather than an opportunity to castigate.

Dannon yogurt has dropped Cam over the remark saying:

“We are shocked and disheartened at the behavior and comments of Cam Newton towards Jourdan Rodrigue which we perceive as sexist and disparaging to all women.”

“It is entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace. It’s simply not OK to belittle anyone based on gender.”

“We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.”

How about they jump-in on real incidents of inequality in America!

Maybe athletes should refuse to talk to reporters if one misunderstanding can lead to consequences like this.

No harm was meant and I’m offended by Dannon’s quick action to disparage this hardworking athlete.

We need to boycott Dannon Oikos yogurt for their intolerance and unfair treatment of minorities.

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