Wendy WilliamsThe Daily Mail UK published another exposè on talk show diva, Wendy Williams‘s alleged cheating husband, Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams

Wendy has been looking extra frail since passing out last week live on-air during her annual Halloween episode.

The embarrassment and humiliation of the cheating scandal back in September has clearly taken a toll and though most would expect her to cut her loses and move on; she seems co-dependent in every way imaginable.

Wendy and her husband built an empire, off her talent no doubt and in many ways, her hatefulness towards others keeps her so isolated that he’s her only refuge and seemingly there to take full advantage of the perks of being the Mr behind the Mrs.

I said in a previous post, she’d do better telling the truth about the allegations than pretending and covering it up but that requires more strength than she clearly realizes she has.

One things for sure, hurt people hurt others and no person, truly happy is capable of spewing such mean-spirited, vile behavior from a purple chair day after day.

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