Overweight KidsThe perception of being overweight has shifted across the globe.  When asked, a whopping 80% of parents said their overweight child was of normal weight according to a recent study that also found this problem more prevalent in homes of lower socio-economic status especially those of south Asian and African-American decent.  

“We found that parents underestimate how overweight their children are by a considerable margin,” says study author Sanjay Kinra. “This is important because they may not realise when they need to act. An important reason for this discrepancy is that the perception of what ‘overweight’ is has shifted because as a society we are getting heavier.”

And all of this is an issue not just for kids in the present: As the childhood obesity crisis heightens across the globe, it’s almost sure to affect their health as adults in the future. Studies have shown that when people are overweight or obese as kids, their risk for developing chronic diseases like heart disease as adults goes up. Some research has even found that risk for other health problems like hypertension and diabetes, among others, also increases.

Normal Height/Weight Charts:

And to think people made fun of our First Lady’s “Healthy Eating” initiative.

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