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Who Is: Olivier Rousteing

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At first glance, Olivier Rousteing (28) appears to be just another young, hot French man with a zest for life.  Instead, he heads one of the worlds most revered fashion houses, French luxury brand, Balmain and is the youngest creative director of a Parisian label after taking over the role at the tender age of twenty-five.


Black History Month Post, Dr. Ben Carson-Neurosurgeon

Dr. Ben CarsonBen Carson:  In fifth grade, Carson was failing and his class mates called him “dummy.”  Since Carson’s mom, Sonja, a third-grade drop-out, didn’t want her two boys to follow in her footsteps, she cracked the whip. The Mom-on-a-mission limited TV-watching and kept her sons from playing outside until all homework was done. The Carson boys had to read two books a week then give their mom two book reports on what they had read, even though she could barely make out what they had written. Within a few weeks, Carson turned his grade average around and realized he was far from stupid. A year later, he topped his class. Carson began to consume books and placed becoming a doctor on his radar. He soon graduated with honors from high school and set his sights on Yale University, earning a Psychology degree from the Ivy League school.


Black History Month Inventor, “Otis Boykin”-Improved Electrical Resistor!

Otis Boykin

Few inventors have had the lasting impact of Otis Boykin. Look around the house today and you’ll see a variety of devices that utilize components made by Boykin – including computers, radios and TV sets. Boykin’s inventions are all the more impressive when one considers he was an African American in a time of segregation and the field of electronics was not as well-established as it is today.   (more…)

Beauty Personified-12 Black Models To Know!

Naomi SimsNaomi Sims, is considered by many to be the first “Black Supermodel.”  In 1968, she appeared on the cover of “Ladies Home Journal” which was an amazing feat considering black models were rarely featured in major publications let alone, magazine covers at this time.  The covers she graced in 1967 for the “New York Times” and 1969 for “Life” are featured in the Metropolitan Museum, “The Model as Muse” exhibit. After retiring from modeling, she went on to start a multi-million dollar wig line for women of color and authored several books focusing on modeling and health & beauty.  Ms. Sims lost her battle with Cancer, August 4, 2009 at the age of 61.


Black History Month Post, Brittney Exline-IQ 170, Youngest African-American Engineer!

Brittney ExlineBrittney Exline:  When Exline walked across the stage at the University of Pennsylvania graduating cum laude at age 19, she also walked in to the history books. Exline was the school’s youngest engineer and the nation’s youngest African-American engineer.  In 2007, at age 15, Exline made headlines in her hometown when she graduated from her Colorado Springs high school at 15.  There is no doubt that the young woman, who speaks Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and German, was born with a genius gene.  Exline was making pyramid designs with blocks at 6 months old, walking at 8 months old, and completing 24- to- 100-piece jigsaw puzzles at 15 months old.