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DJ Envy Escapes to UAE & Maldives For Family Vacay

DJ Envy DubaiIf you’ve ever wondered what getting up at 4 am affords you, take a look at the latest photos DJ Envy aka RaaShaun Casey and family posted from their latest vacation.  He and the family are currently living-it-up in the Middle Eastern part of Asia and in keeping with tradition; this luxurious vacay was all planned by the Mrs.   (more…)

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of World Architecture

KL Twin TowersYou know the most iconic buildings—the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Leaning Tower of Pisa—but just how far does your knowledge of world architecture take you? Put it to the test by identifying these famous buildings from around the globe.  (more…)

Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Tropical Vacay

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Ciara and her handsome beau, Russell Wilson are off on a tropical adventure somewhere on the other side of the world.  Meanwhile, the haters keep coming for this beautiful couple and I don’t quite understand why.  (more…)

21 Hotels You Didn’t Know Were Owned by Celebrities

Ariel Sands Resort Bermuda
Ariel Sands Resort Bermuda

More and more celebrities have been investing their Hollywood money in the hospitality sector as of late—restaurants, nightclubs, and transportation services, to name a few. But it’s celebrity owned hotels that have most recently been thrust into the limelight, though not always for the most delightful of reasons. The Nobu Hotel in Manila, which is co-owned by Robert DeNiro, was recently named the world’s worst. Rigsby’s Guest House, of which Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is the sole shareholder, was closed due to poor sales. However, not all celebrities have seen such failures when dabbling within the hospitality industry: Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel has received consistently excellent reviews since its opening in 2014, and Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort remains one of Utah’s finest. Leonardo Dicpario made headlines with the purchase of a $1.75 million dollar island in Belize, where he plans to build a sprawling, eco-conscious resort, set to open in 2018.  (more…)

Kevin Hart & Ludacris Show Us Why It Pays to Work Hard

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Kevin Hart and Ludacris took us along on their latest adventure to the United Arab Emirates better know as, UAE and the Maldives.  The long time friends were accompanied by their significant others for what can be described in one word as a blissful vacation.  (more…)