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Why You Should Think Twice About Visiting an Orphanage

OrphansThis topic should be common sense but when emotions are involved, that can sometimes be forgotten.  Orphans should not be treated like tourist attractions or better yet, animals at the zoo.  These little people have been abandoned, usually under harsh circumstances.  Read on to hear the lasting affects of drop-in visits.    (more…)

Want a good in-flight meal? Fly Delta Air Lines!

Delta Inflight Meal vegetable-main-course-from-delta
Hopkins cooked a main course of summer vegetables.

I ran across this article and found it an interesting read.  Delta Air Lines has gone a step further in its award-winning customer service by hiring an impressive culinary team.  Read on to learn the process of scoring restaurant-quality meals at 30,000 feet. (more…)

Best Views in America!

Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon Utah
Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon Utah

Beautiful views are not hard to find in the 50 states of America so see if your pick ranks with Travel & Leisure’s ‘Best Views in America.’  (more…)

Magic Johnson & Family Living The Good Life Aboard Luxury Yacht!

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Magic Johnson and wife Cookie are living it up in the most enviable kind of way, cruising along the Mediterranean.  The couple along with family and friends have been at sea for the past two-weeks on a scheduled six-week vacay aboard the luxurious Amadeus owned by French billionaire, Bernard Arnault. (more…)

Kogi and The Food Truck Movement

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Roy Choi (45) is a Korean American chef credited as one of the founders of the food truck movement.  Based in Los Angeles, he gained prominence after starting the gourmet Korean taco truck named Kogi in 2008.  (more…)