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Jay Z, Beyonce & Blue Ivy Get Cultured In Italy

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Jay Z, and his two leading ladies Beyoncé and Blue Ivy took in some culture in the romantic city of Florence, Italy.  Florence happens to be one of my favorite cities.  It’s not only picturesque and full of history; the architect, food, wine and overall spirit of the locals just takes you right in.   (more…)

Nicole Murphy’s Dubai Adventure!

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It amazes me to see Americans travel to foreign land seemingly oblivious to customs and traditions of the destination country.  Take Nicole Murphy, the beautiful ex-wife of Eddie Murphy and former fiancée to Michael Strahan who travelled to Dubai on what she called a business/leisure trip.   (more…)

Sojourner Truth-Abolitionist & Women’s Rights Activist!

Sojourner Truth was an African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activist born into slavery in Ulster County, New York around 1797.  She was a striking woman standing almost six-feet tall becoming an advocate against slavery, fighting for prison reform, the abolishment of capital punishment, the rights of freedmen, women’s rights and a supporter of the Union Army during the Civil War by helping recruit black troops.  (more…)