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Has Common & Angela Rye Made it Official?

Common & Angela Ryre

Love is in the air and I’m here for this one! Rapper Common left his coyness home stepping out for the first time publicly with rumored lady-love, Attorney and CNN political commentator Angela Rye. (more…)

Could The Next Steve Jobs Be A Black Woman? Angel Rich Thinks so!

Angela Rich
Angela Rich, CEO of WelathyLife

As the co-founder and CEO of  WealthyLife., Angel Rich has plans to transform the world of financial literacy creating equity between the haves and have-nots with her new gamified instructional app which aims to help individuals become financially savvy. (more…)

Do You Know Where Your Donations Went?

DonationsEver wondered how fast your money gets to the intended recipients after natural disasters? Every dollar you donate isn’t going directly to the victims you’re intending to help and here’s why.  (more…)

Understanding ‘Black Pride’ vs. ‘White Pride’ in America

This insightful ‘black pride’ vs. ‘white pride’ post was forwarded to me so I thought I’d share. American Blacks are an intriguing group for many reasons. Sure, we’re broken, resilient, strong, creative, trendsetters, and so on but let’s discuss our ability to create a culture from a forgotten past.