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Petition to Stop Trayvon Martin’s Killer Celebrity Boxing Match!

Trayvon Martin’s killer has shown no remorse!  We must not forget an unarmed, young man lost his life, a mother and father lost a son and a brother lost another.  It is one-thing to commit evil against another but to continue inflicting pain on this family is even worse.  We all want justice but this certainly is not the way!  Let’s stop this murderer from continuing to prosper from ill-deeds. 100,000 signatures are needed before March 4th; please sign the petition and help spread the word.


Chris Brown Narrowly Escapes Jail as Judge Orders Completion of 90 Day Rehab!

Chris Brown was almost remanded into custody after Prosecutors claim “Brown’s violent behavior continues to increase in severity and frequency” and he poses “an increasing danger to society.” The judge; however, felt Chris was benefiting more from Anger Management Rehab than he would jail and ordered he complete the program. Chris is starting to look like his old-self again so rehab is clearly doing a brother good.