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Vitamins D & K Should be Taken Together for Optimal Health

Vitamin D3 & K2Vitamins D & K work together to improve overall health. Shockingly 80% of Americans are Vitamin K2 Deficient!
Anyone with a vitamin K2 deficiency is extremely vulnerable to serious and even life threatening health problems including: brain disease, heart disease, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, heel spurs, kidney stones and heart attack.
Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the essential and outstanding, health benefits of vitamin K2. Sadly, the K vitamins have been underrated and misunderstood until very recently in the scientific community.  (more…)

Nearly 3,000 U.S. Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint

lead levels in waterWe live in the richest country on Earth yet a recent report revealed more than 3,000 communities across America have higher lead levels than those found in Flint, Michigan and Trump’s recent nomination of Rick Perry to head the EPA doesn’t leave much hope for improvement over the next four-years. (more…)

6 Signs Too Much Sugar Is In Your Diet

Sugar Causes CancerIt’s easy to look at a candy bar, ice cream or cake and see the word sugar written all over it. The side effects are easily felt; especially, if too much is consumed but when it comes to fresh fruit, yogurt or a glass of apple juice; the sugar content isn’t as easily detectable.  (more…)


dryer-sheets-07920Most commercial dryer sheets are loaded with all sorts of toxic chemicals including Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Chloroform and Linalool; none of which are good for your health. In addition to all the chemicals that end up on your skin, when heated, the fumes are also toxic.  These toxins go straight to their brain’s most sensitive neurological centers and wreck havoc.   (more…)

Chef Cured “Incurable” Autoimmune Diseases, Chronic Inflammation, Pain And Rheumatoid Arthritis With Food

When it comes to food our relationship with food is developed in our childhood. If that relationship with food is healthy, we benefit in our childhood and hopefully that understanding of food and healthy preparation carries over into our adulthood. I can say that for me personally that my mom was health conscious and did her best to feed her children organic, whole foods and healthy meals.   (more…)