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The 6 Wine “Rules” That the Pros Always Break


I tend to think there’s always more to learn about wine etiquette.  And so, Rachel Signer has shared a few tips that even the so-called connoisseurs may not know.  For instance, did you know Rosé is only a summer beverage?  Read on for more.  (more…)

7 Things Great Listeners Do Differently

listenWith so much chatter in our everyday lives, opportunities to listen more abound.  Listening is a skill that everyone should want to be great at so what exactly does it take?  This may or may not be coincidental, but the letters in the word silence and listen are the same.  Read on for more.  (more…)

6 Health Benefits Of Red Wine – Prevents Cancer, Burns Fat, Lowers Blood Pressure

6-Health-Benefits-Of-Red-Wine-Prevents-Cancer-Burns-Fat-Lowers-Blood-PressureWine is one of the finer things in life, if you’re a connoisseur then knowing every fact and tidbit about wine may come as second-nature to you. For myself and many others though, the basics are a start. I’m the type of person that has alcohol on rare occasion, a sip of it here or there. A few times a year at most, so i’m no expert in the best microbrewery’s or the best local craft beer.


How Far Will an Apology Go?


The power of forgiveness is often debated.  Whether we care to admit it, the opinions of others affect how we view ourselves and often, it’s through the eyes of others.  Read on to for more. (more…)