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Feng Shui 101: How to Harmonize Your Home in the New Year

Feng ShuiThe New Year brings with it an opportunity for a fresh start for you and your space. Everything in your home—the thoughtfully selected patterned rug, those cool pendant lamps—is a reflection of yourself, so it’s no wonder that a calm home reflects, and reinforces, a calm self. And who couldn’t use a bit more calm in the New Year? To that end, we put together a beginner’s guide to feng shui (pronounced fung shway) to help you head into 2016 with maximum harmony—and style—in the home.   (more…)

ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a Victim of Corporate Sabotage- Biotech Industry Food Terrorists are…

ChipotleAfter observing recent events involving Chipotle and e.coli, here’s my analysis of the situation: Chipotle’s e.coli outbreaks are not random chance. They are the result of the biotech industry unleashing bioterrorism attacks against the only fast food company that has publicly denounced GMOs.   (more…)

If vaccines don’t cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 Million to vaccine victims?

If vaccines don’t cause brain damage, why is GlaxoSmithKline paying out $63 Million to vaccine victimsSince the swine flu panic that was widespread in 2009, prompting more than 60 million people to get vaccinated against it, countless amounts of individuals – predominantly children – have developed a range of health conditions. Mainly, brain damage has been the issue; everything from sleep disturbances and memory impairments to hallucinations and mental illness have been experienced by those who received the swine flu vaccine.  (more…)

8 Benefits of Silica Gel Bags

Silica Bags

Have you been throwing out the little white bags of SILICA GEL found in various product boxes?  Well turns out the they are not poisonous whatsoever and can be very useful around the house.  (more…)

Native American Medicine and Cures

native-american-medicine-nlmDOTnihDOTgov-400x192When it comes to herbal remedies, many of us are familiar with the benefits of Echinacea or purple cone flower as an antibiotic, willow bark as a pain killer and aloe as a topical anesthetic and treatment for skin conditions. But that’s common knowledge compared to the insights and treatments that Native American medicine men discovered and used.  (more…)

9 Simple Morning Rituals That Will Supercharge Your Metabolism

Lemon WaterStart off your morning with these 9 rituals and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your metabolism and keeping it revved up all day long. The key is to incorporate them one at a time until they feel totally natural, rather than trying to overhaul your current morning routine.  (more…)